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Constrained ball by Giha Woo

Drawing aid created by korean product designer Giha Woo. Once attached to the pen, this device helps to draw straight lines without using a ruler, measuring the drawn distance at the […]


Propellerhead Creates Worlds Largest Drum Machine

Propellerhead recently decided to create a giant, 4×4 light-emitting device so large that you have to literally jump between each of the pads in order to trigger the drum samples. […]


Tuned Pale Ale

Tuned Pale Ale is a product that explores the musical affordances in everyday objects and promotes social spontaneity. While drinking beer, people become musically encouraged and often start making start […]


UK’s first 3D Arachnophobia Clinic created by Sky

Sky 3D launch UK’s first arachnophobia therapy programme with Denise Van Outen. Sky is using the power of 3D technology to tackle one of the nation’s most common phobias – […]


Day Re – Extended Life Of A Toilet Paper Core

Do you really care about your toilet paper? Is its lifecycle really worth a mention? Do we want to discuss toilet-habits on YD? So many questions…and there is only one […]


The Seattle Gum Wall – A Sticky Attraction

One of the most offbeat attractions in the United States, the Seattle Gum Wall is also one of the most germ infected tourist spot in the world. Located in Post […]



Racer is an analogue recreation of a coputer racing game in the style of the classic WipeOut.It consists of a modified vintage arcade machine, a RC model car with a […]


Seat Savers – A tale of New York marketing ingenuity

Some enterprising chaps in New York have turned a simple replica food product into a potential money spinner. The Seat Savers concept comes from a simple idea – that people won’t […]


Requiem for a Thought

Text message in the thoughts of the strange character lurking along the wall. The interactive bubble reveals the characters inner thoughts, as it tracks the characters movements. A collaboration piece […]


VR/urban: “SMSlingshot”

The SMS slingshot is a device designed to create digital augmented realities in urban space. The device is shaped as a wooden slingshot with a build-in mobile phone display, a […]


Maquina de la Amistad

Many countries celebrate the day of friendship dates rather different. In Argentina, the Dia del Amigo is traditionally celebrated on July 20. This type of appointment is always interesting to brands […]


Rainbow by Helmut Smits

Rainbow by Helmut Smits. | via