Having Fun with a Big Wave

This is what  I was looking for ages.

The story starts 5 years ago when Jenny Lewis and Jonathan Rise, two artists bumped into each other in Los Angeles where they had to record different stuff, but they took the chance to play their respective recordings. Right in this moment, a very precious and creative partnership …


Let the Catwalk rule

Who has never dreamt of showing off on the catwalk,  just for once in his life? Sure, this band will grow (cos they barely have the age to drink in the States) and have the success they deserve.

We are talking about another fresh group from the west Coast with a very trendy name: CATWALK.

2005: their story …


Happy-Go-Lucky tunes and Growlers

I don’t know if it was because of the beautiful (and, to tell the truth…strange in Milan) warmy September sun of this weekend, but I was wandering through youtube videos when I have been lighted by the “fresh” riff of  this group called the Growlers.

Let’s move ourselves in California,  take six guys, a couple of …