NAM collection

NAM is a link. NAM links tremendous italian people. People you probably do not see much around because they are busy running their small shops, warriors of every day’s life, addicted by their own passion: their jobs. They do not pursue high incomes but the perfection in what they do. They use their hands …


PuurCo | iPhone wallet case

PuurCo, giovanissimo brand di Praga, propone questa nuova custodia per iPhone. Interamente fatta a mano è il risultato di una sapiente combinazione di 100% lana Merino e pelle. I suoi 3mm. riescono ad offrire la giusta protezione rimanendo morbida al tatto. Sulla parte frontale è applicata una tasca per contanti e carte di credito.


A day @ Freitag Headquarters

On late July I have been invited ( as Polkadot boss ;) ) with just a few handpicked European bloggers in the wonderful Zurich to visit the FREITAG headquarters including cutting our very own iPad sleeves and enjoying a night out with the FREITAG crew. It was an amazing experience, the guys @ Freitag are …