Let’s get to know… New Navy

The first rays of sunshine make us enjoying the warm summer days. The desire for a holiday assails us and our thoughts fly away to far destinations. Mine, landed at the antipodes, in Australia, in search of a flamboyant tropical-indie band called New Navy. Quite busy at the moment with some awesome live shows as …


What? Is Tropical In Rome

‘Ci siamo ripresi ora. Il tour sta andando molto bene! Siamo con lo spirito giusto per ricominciare ed essere di nuovo in Italia’. Gary degli Is Tropical √® il primo a rispondere alla mia prima domanda: “Come state ragazzi?”.
Per chi ancora non li conoscesse, gli Is Tropical sono un trio londinese di musica elettronica …


Let’s get to know… Bouts

The guys in the video come from a country loved for its stout, Ireland. This five piece of incredibleness indie rock with no keyboards allowed has produced a energic EP called Barbs. We are talking about Bouts. The first single is called “We Tried” features dragging guitars and beats and the rest of their EP is waiting to discovered.


Transmission: Drag your Heels

Bring your high heels, polka dot skirt, dark black Wayfarer, bright red lipstick and be ready to listen to solo guitars reminding of the bluesy New York atmophere, with a pinch of late seventies punk. Basically, what I like to call, vintage rock band.
Our brand new mixtape comes from a East-London based quartet called Drag …


Let’s get to know… My Tiger My Timing

Sad because summer is coming to end? Already stressed by work? Still thinking about holidays?
Here is an interesting and emerging band directly from New Cross (London) with some good tunes that will cheer you up a bit, My Tiger My Timing. Yes, I have to confess, I always sing their latest single “Endless summer” …