Vitra Campus

La scelta del colore in un progetto di design è quasi sempre tenuta come ultima fase, come coda di un processo che oramai è concluso e che ha solo bisogno di “mostrarsi”. Così l’aspetto cromatico viene considerato al pari della cosmesi, come un deposito superficiale di materia di cui vengono snobbate le conseguenze, …


Necessary Freaks

BAFFI broom designed by GamFratesi, Swedese, 2013

Siamo poco abituati alle stranezze nel mondo degli oggetti quotidiani, il nostro occhio e la nostra mente si abituano alla contemporaneità adattandosi ad essa, si adattano ai canoni estetici e si evolvono insieme a loro e l’innovazione formale vive su schemi che in un certo senso ci aspettiamo.
Ci …


¿adónde? Boxes

Have you ever thought what would you do with 7 tiny boxes? Me neither. Until I found these cute little boxes in different sizes and colors from the French design studio ¿adónde?. They’re made out of 100% recycled cardboard and come in 10 different  colors. If you should ask, they serve multiple purposes: desk organizers, …



While most of the cosmetics brands try to do their make-up range as cute and girlie as possible, the Swiss brand ASCHEN AND VOSS is going into the opposite direction. Their clean, minimal and geometric line is clearly intended to a more sophisticated consumer and was inspired by the clinical heritage of Switzerland. Pure package …


BEST MADE First Aid Kit

I really hope I won’t be needing this any time soon, but if I were to make it alive out of a, let’s say, near-death cooking accident, this would be my go-to first aid kit. BEST MADE’s All-Purpose First Aid Kit is a very stylish solution to the dull and boring everyday kits and it …


Aldo Bakker Tableware

If you’re planning to impress your dinner guests, a tableware piece from Dutch designer Aldo Bakker should definitely do the trick. Apart from their obvious aesthetic role, they seem pretty functional too.


Laura Pregger: she’s just our cup of tea

Interview with Laura Pregger, class of ’84, the Basel-based designer recently awarded at the design trade show Blickfang 2010. Laura’s production really stands out from others: she works with ceramic combining, altering and mixing shapes and function.Results are surprisingly new: serial one-offs, as she uses to define them.

P Laura, first of all Polkadot wants to …