Del Popolo | il pizza truck di Jon Darsky

un forno a legna “Stefano Ferrara” in mattoni, un container da transatlantico modificato, un camion Freightliner M2, quattro progettisti e circa 180.000 dollari.
Assemblare il tutto ad arte.
Superando il concetto di pizza d’asporto il pizzaiolo Jon Darsky ha inaugurato la “pizzeria d’asporto”.
Del Popolo è una pizzeria mobile progettata all’interno di un container da spedizioni che è …

EVENTS / Experiment

Yahoo! Bus Stop Derby

20 Mini bus shelters in San Francisco are getting a high tech makeover for two months as part of a the Yahoo Bus Stop Derby – a giant neighborhood vs. neighborhood challenge that ends with a huge OK Go free concert put on by Yahoo. More info here. | via


Charmaine Olivia

Charmaine Olivia is a self-taught artist from San Francisco. She describes herself as “a drawer, painter and tea drinker”
I’m currently obsessed with her tattoed girls’ silhouettes, they remind me of Tim Burton’s girls, somehow.


Candy Land on Lombard Street

San Francisco’s Lombard Street, well known as the world’s most crooked street, has been converted into a game of Candyland to celebrate the board game’s 60th anniversary.

Event organizers covered …