FREITAG Ipad Sleeve giveaway#1

We have some Ipad sleeves from Freitag to give away. I’ve personally cut the tarps on my last visit at their Zurich headquarter, so i hope you would like the color choices. All you need to receive it right to your door is:

1. get an Ipad
2. visit
this link ( with your Ipad)
3. take a …


Freitag F22 Iphone Sleeve

After all, it’s a rough, cold and tumble world out there. The new F22 iPhone sleeve features individual roadkill tarp designs, a nifty quick-accept strap (inspired by parachutists) and a nice, velvety lining that automatically cleans your precious. Arguably the next best Swiss invention since Ricola. Of course, the new F22 …