ELITA Milano

The third Elita, the Design Week Music Festival, invites visitors of the ‘Salone del Mobile’ in Milan to experience “city mapping” between 15th-19th April: a journey of discovery of various […]

ELITA Milano


The third Elita, the Design Week Music Festival, invites visitors of the ‘Salone del Mobile’ in Milan to experience “city mapping” between 15th-19th April: a journey of discovery of various musical trends, new technology used in art and entertainment, and collective customs which contribute to the quiet yet rapid transformation currently underway of metropolitan culture.

Elita 2008 will outline it’s original urban map beginning on 15th April with the “opening” of the Headquarters by Motorola: DJ set by Incognito and preview of the interactive design exhibition MOTOROKR E8 FOR YOU AND MUSIC YOU in which 3 projects selected especially by Marco Mancuso (digicult) are taking part: Laptop Orchestra by Limiteazero, social soundmachines i_AM: installation by Ramon Schreuder from Holland and creativeREaction by Evastomper Studio and Biokip.
The works all focus upon the central role which the spectator assumes in his/her interaction with technology enabling the reproduction of sounds and images with constantly new and different effects which become a part of the large interactive design family: the ultimate goal of research in which the designer is the interpreter of new aesthetic needs and creative practises with the ability to bridge the gap between man and machine.
The area will remain open to the public for the duration of the festival.

During the same evening at Magazzini Generali, Nike will present a new project to the public on the occasion of Elita 2008: Art of Football, with VJ Claudio Sinatti taking care of the visuals and a multifaceted musical program: the live section by the distinguished French producer Sebastien Tellier, the dance section by MSTRKRFT (pronounced masterkraft) from Canada and the indie-dance DJ set by The Juan Mclean from the DFA team.

Wednesday 16th the party returns to Magazzini Generali for a lesson in the revival of deep house with the Belgians Spirit Catcher and “our” very own Donato Dozzy.

On thursday 17th April there will be an evening focussing on the revolution of audiovisuals and web 2.0 at the Headquarters, with the prize-giving for best video of those commissioned to 30 participants of the project BMW Seriel OneVision, viewable online for over a year at www.onelinenoone.it/onevision, and with a performance by Addictive TV, the English crew who pioneered interaction between sounds and images.

The journey continues with the discovery of two new entrants to the Elita resident club partners’ circuit: at Gargage in Sesto S.Giovanni the Swedes Sounds like Violence will celebrate the unstoppable return of M.A.N.D.Y., DJ from the Get Pshysical family.

On friday 18th the headliner will be Carl Craig, amongst the most highly respected international DJs and musicians, who has a double bill at the Redbull Music Academy. In the afternoon there will be an Infosession during which the “maestro” Craig will converse with the public and emerging DJs from the academy supported by Fabio De Luca (Rolling Stone) and Damir Ivic (Mucchio Selvaggio), followed by the anticipated return to Magazzini Generali in the evening, where he will head the line up for Jet Lag. He will be joined by Magda, one of the most prestigious American techno producers, and resident DJ Lele Sacchi for a packed-out, historic event in Milan’s nightlife.

For those who want to follow the less-trodden path of the city’s nightlife Elita proposes a vast array of different containers and contents to sample.

At Milan’s most colourful disco bar, Rocket, the trend will be over the top electro pop courtesey of the Swiss Audioporno mixed with all-Italian nu rave beats by Young Lovers.

Under the dark tracks of the central station the Tunnel will host party tunes with antimelodies 8 bit by Tobias Luke aka O.B.I. from Germany and ruthless hardcore by the Brazilian Lukas.

At Magnolia, in the Idroscalo Park, Dub Trio from Brooklyn, NYC will use their punk-rock-dub to battle the liquid drum n bass of Klute from London in a meeting of urban cultures.

The residents Djpersignora of Discolimone will create a totally different atmosphere at Sottomarino Giallo, both intimate and groovy. Guests will be the Gucci Sound System, a new discovery of the DFA label by guru James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem.

On saturday 19th Elita will say goodbye to visitors of ‘Salone del Mobile’ in style and finish the festival with a complete muscial mash up.

At the Headquarters the headliner will be Pilooski, one of the crazy Frenchmen behind the project Dirty Crew, with a musical recipe based on vintage revival which serves as an introduction to the final parties taking place in the city.

At Rocket the atmosphere will be indie/disco with DatA, one of the tremendous Frenchmen from Kistunè and a wholely Italian live set by Don Turbolento as well as a DJ set by Tyler Durden.

At Sottomarino Giallo, in the interpretation of ultra deep of saturday by People, the guru of “intelligent eletronic music” Thomas Brinkmann and residents Chico Rush and Sandiego will present a mix of house and techno whilst upstairs Les Twin Set will be vying for the star role of the turntables.

At Magnolia Disco Drive, Italian interpreters of the new live scene, and a DJ set by Sangue Disken will look back – or forward – to the times of punk rock mixing it up in harsh four-by-fours.

This is how Elita will finish off, at the end of a festival that wants to leave the visitors to ‘Salone del Mobile’ with the memory of a potent, international and innovative Milan.

Angelo Superti

Editor in chief e fondatore di Polkadot. Ingegnere, curioso e appassionato, da sempre spettatore dell'eterno duello tra razionalità e creatività, tra idee e limiti di tempo. La Puglia è la sua casa.

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