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F5 – I’m on the television, the television

Opening credit for F5 festival. I had lots of fun watching this video. The hand puppets are so cool. Buck made them come to life. | Via 2.2 Studio


“These are the Heartbreakers”

A small video from Maria Helena’s previous exhibition opening “The heartbreakers” at Ó! Galeria, here in Oporto city, Portugal. Video by João Bento Soares :) Special Commissions: Would you like to give […]



This easter i made lots of things… Very productive. I will post some pics later. Video by Everyone. | Via 2.2


Fight For Your Right Revisited

Official Trailer of “Fight For Your Right-Revisited”, from the Beastie Boys long anticipated eighth album. Incredible trailer. The cast rocks! Via 2.2


Hey! Coffee lovers

Yeah! I really need a strong coffee today. Animation is by Vincent Lammers. The sound & music is by Joep Meijburg. Via 2.2


Joy of destruction

Just love this collages! A nice collaboration from Xaver Xylophon and Laura Junger | Via 2.2



“Components of the space. Between existence and “No!”. Alive – ?bsorbs.” Nebulo – Plasticmare for soundtrack. I have been working inside of the studio and taping some Talks, so this past weeks […]



“An illustration of a dream on the theme of summer where i let my imagination drive everything.” – Sébastian Abes Sebastian Abes is the creator of this video and the music […]


Pulp Art Book

A collaboration between supermodel Joni Harbeck and Photographer Neil Krug for upcoming PULP BOOK. The photos look like frames that came out from a movie. Can´t wait to get my hands […]


Professor Soap

Some go up and down, others crawl but with groove at the sound of Professor Soap. You can see the rest of his work here.


Tom Ford’s Spring 2011 women’s collection

Tom Ford rules the catwalk with Spring 2011 women’s collection. Lot’s of familiar faces and a nice soundtrack. Love Julianne More, incredible hairstyling. Via 2.2


Trompe L’oeil

To get our mind off things! Make a pause and watch this animation by Tyson James Dale. Via: 2.2