Domestic – Wall Drawing


Discover online the very new Wall Drawing collection of wall stickers by Domestic designed by graphic artists, designers and artists. Wall drawing is characterized by the opening of new graphic perspectives that its printing and manufacturing techniques offer. The Wall Drawing collection opens the way to colour gradations, super-impositions, textures, hand or photographic prints giving birth to new and combined aesthetics. Designers and graphic artists who participate in its diversity are  people like  Klaus Haapaniemi and Geneviève Gauckler, Kustaa Saksi and Neasden control Centre, DesertRose and hanna  Werning, eBoy and Dylan Martorell, Furi Furi and Tania et Vincent, Rinzen, Ich&Kar, Tado, Pierre Marie, Jeremyville… Discover as well the very new Vynils designed by Marcel Wanders, Jon Burgerman, Superdeux, Tsé&Tsé associés, Antoine et Manuel, Geneviève Gauckler, Pierre Marie, Inga Sempé, Ich&Kar, Rinzen, 5.5 Designers, Tado, Maison Georgette…

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  1. Lizzie Brooks

    That is a work of art very well done.Ican clearly see your taste is very exquisite and full of passion.Is the piece for sales?