The Healthy Hustle

The Healthy Hustle , a project by Barry Lai, is an editorial/interview piece about those in the US community making moves and being covered in our media. Each interviewee is involved in the creative media industry and has garnered much attention in their respective fields. From those with the gift of gab to photographers, illustrators, digital artists and traditional artists; everyone of these candidates possess a talent that they utilize to stay afloat in this working world and remains to be shared. The first installment of The Healthy Hustle is that of San Jose. The city just south of the Bay, often referred to as Silicon Valley, shouldn’t just be known for technology and abundant nightlife – let us acknowledge the following talent.

Along with these interviews will be a Design Rehab Prescription Package consisting of a tag-less, fitted white V-neck, limited to 150 pieces and come with a 1” embroidered patch on left chest (available in mens & women sizes). Along with these V-necks is a vial with a set of three 1” pins and Healthy Hustle clear vinyl stickers all enclosed in a zip tight bag available for purchase on