Velo Orange

Most cyclists don’t race, yet they ride uncomfortable racing bikes and try to go too fast and so miss much of the world around them. Velo Orange‘s emphasis is on a more relaxed and comfortable style of riding, and on refined bikes that are comfortable on a century ride, an inn-to-inn tour, or even on a ramble down your favorite dirt road. This type of riding is called cyclo-touring or randonneuring.

For many years some of the wonderful parts and accessories once produced by small firms in Europe for the cyclo-tourist and randonneur have been unavailable, or outrageously expensive. So Chris Kulczycki started Velo Orange to find and sell these remaining items, and to produce those that were no longer available.

Velo Orange is an unusual business started not for mercenary reasons, but to fill a special need. Chris is welcome, and even ask for, any suggestions for new products and ideas for improving their existing offerings.