Your Ritual

Males are creatures of habit. They are drawn to rituals. Think breathing, beer, sports, grilling and pretty much anything else they can claim as a right of passage. However, there’s one ritual in particular that rates highest on a guy’s list of priorities. Every guy has heard of it, and can’t start his day without it. That is the ritual of “The Triple S.” With Ritual, the brand, men can trust in quality grooming & maintenance products, innovatively designed for the best “Sh!t, Shower and Shave” experience known to man. And to truly experience the Ritual, you need the Gift Set. The complete Sh!t, Shower and Shave kit. Everything a Ritual man needs—from Nature Calls to The Balm—all in a limited edition wooden box ( we love the packaging),  this set includes the entire Ritual line … all at a great price. The easiest way to pass the Ritual on to family and friends. And you’ll be happy to know that your Triple S is set for a long time because each product is full-sized and ready for your morning ritual. You won’t find any of those dinky bottles that are finished after just one use.

For Men. By Men.
That’s right, two guys are the brains behind Ritual. Not a boardroom full of hacks trying to figure out the best way to reach the elusive male demo. We’re men who have grown up on the Triple S. We welcomed the ritual, embraced the tradition and eventually perfected it. And now… The time has come to change the face of man’s morning ritual. Ritual’s headquarters are in Los Angeles, California. So, if you want to know more about the guys behind Ritual, shoot us an email, any day, any time. We’ll gladly talk about the grooming andmaintenance of Ritual and anything else your heart desires.

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