Baxter of California

Founded in 1965, Baxter of California was the first company to market skincare products made specifically for men. The simple and focused line covers skincare, shaving, hair and body products with a blend of natural and performance based ingredients. Available through select retail channels, Baxter can be found at niche barbershops, apothecaries, and leading lifestyle stores around the world. Baxter is not a beauty brand.

Our belief is that through a simple formula of straight forward product message, selective distribution, quality proprietary formulas  and accessible pricing – we will continue to build long standing loyalty from our consumers.

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Baxter of California’s Travel Kit contains the essential personal care items for travel. In its beautifully designed bag there are 5 x 2 oz TSA compliant tubes each containing their branded:
– Daily Face Wash
– Daily Protein Shampoo
– Oil Free Moisturizer
– Super Close Shave Formula
– After Shave Balm
– Vitamin Cleansing Bars

The Flammabe Wood Gift Box comes with a custom matchbox and is designed by Marc Atlan. They are soy-wax based and only come in black. There are three scents, “Cassis Noir”, “Jasmin Noir”, and “Tubereuse Noire” and can burn for about 70 hours.