Pete Doherty: Another chance?


2007/2008 has been a strange period for Pete Doherty. Probably ha was at the maximum fame of his career, probably not. There was a lot of noise around him: everyday media were talking about his relationship with Kate Moss (a comedy or a drama?), his problems with drugs, his style (powered by Dior Homme). He became an icon for indie rockers fashion addicted. B   ut during this period something has gone missing: the music! So there’s a lot of people that hate Pete for his “coolness”, a lot of people that never mind about him, and the rest that go beyond trying to discover the music.

When he was playing with the Libertines (with Carl Barat) the band represented a really alternative scene in Uk, it was the period when Franz Ferdinand and The Strokes were very popular and indie rocker style was just an expression and not a fashion game. Have you ever asked yourself why punk movement or grunge style have had a better cultural opinion?. This is the big problem today: emptiness. After The Libertines he started with Babyshambles and now he sings alone as a new project too. He’s not an extraordinary talent, but there’s something truth in his music, in his attitude. His voice his sweet and his songs are growing up thanks to britpop influence of the great ’90s and American acoustic singers.  Could we offer to Pete another chance? Polkadot doesn’t want say yes or not, just want to show you a little bit about Pete’s performance of last thursday in Milan (My space secret show).