AiAiAi Z-Sleeves

The AIAIAI Z-sleeves are made in a collaboration between AIAIAI and the the young Danish fashion  label ThankYouForClapping. The Sleeves consists of three layers, combined to give excellent protection for  your laptop. Inside it has a smooth sports liner, which provides a soft touch. The core is neoprene, known  for its chock absorbing qualities and water resistance. The outer layer makes this laptop sleeve look  good, but also adds sturdiness. Whether you choose the sporty spinnaker or re?ex look, the more classic  and robust canvas, or the extremely durable Kevlar fabric, which should be virtually impossible to wear  out! The design is simple, yet sophisticated – each layer constructed from a single piece, with a diagonal  seam on the back. A heavy zipper on two sides gives easy access to your laptop. A pocket on the front, to  store your charger, mouse or cables etc. A sleek, practical design with references to sports gear. Elegant,  clever. An excellent match to the design of Apple notebooks. available on aiaiai.