Edward Hopper in Milan


What is the autumn exhibition we were waiting for? Edward Hopper (1882 – 1967) of course. The artist is considered an important representative of the american realism movement, he loved to represent the human condition into modern society with a strong precision for details but at the same time his workes had a methaphysics atmosphere, according to Deutsch Gustav this is due to the wrong perspective and lights effects Edward used a lot of times. An example? Morning Sun (1952)


To show people the wrong perspective and distortion occured by lights effects, is available in this exibhition an installation (realized by Gustav) where everyone could sit on the bed (as in the painting) and recreates the same situation with the same lights and shadows and perspective. So if it was possible to discover in Hopper works an european classicism for the ambients like the italian movement “Vedutismo” he was however an artist close to expressionism and he wanted to show the loneliness and the desolation of modern times through urban and rural backgrounds where his characters live. As Hopper said ” I don’t paint what i look around but what i feel”.


Don’t miss the Hopper’s exibhition at Palazzo Reale until 31th January 2010. Info @ http://www.edwardhopper.it