Any plans for sunday afternoon? Fumettopoli


If this was a bored and rainy sunday we suggest you a last minute pretty event in Milan. The international comics fairy at Milano Ata Hotel Executive (Viale Sturzo 45, MM2 Garibaldi) until 8.00 o’clock pm. You will find a full overview of the most important editors (Sergio Bonelli, Max Bunker, Astorina, Hazard, Star, Habanero)  and authors coming from all around the world and from the oldest productions to the new ones, from mainstream to independent market. And it’s not all, there are a lot of gadgets and also the most popular music tracks of cartoons (CD, DVD, Vinyls). A special section is dedicated to Japaneese Manga and rarities. Come just to have a look and fun.

Enter tickets: 8 euro