San Francisco, 31 december 1969: with their first performance on stage, the performer group called Cockettes is officially born.  Trough 60s hippie rebellion and political revolution of 70s by Harvey Milk, these “psychedelic drag queen” makes of freedom their flag.  Self-irony, extravagance, glitter, beard, high heels and muscles: there are no rules into Cockette’s aesthetic.  The continuous research into fashion, music, performance become outrageous mainstreams’ parodies, LSD’s dancing, fabulous dresses.  GENDERFUCK! is their slogan: a cult is born.  30 years before, in a grey Milan, a group called Cockette (clearly inspired by the concept of San Francisco’s performers) wants to create a new way to live the night.  Prepare yourself: the best techno, electro and acid house around by Max_M, Gigi LP, PierDJ and Dotknot will make you dance all night long in the big Black Hole’s dancefloor.  MAIVIDEO vj-set will create psychedelic colours and fluid signs.  Do you wanna dance all night long and get drunk with good music and heterofriendly people? Are you crazy and open-minded enough?  OK, then Cockettes are waiting for you ;)

Friday, 23 November  c/o Blak Hole, v.le Umbria 118 , Milan