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IF: Istanbul independent film festival

Ifest celebrates its 10th anniversary: the only independent film festival in Turkey is growing fast. Here some numbers: more than 30 movies, double event. 10 days in Istanbul (17-27 february) […]



San Francisco, 31 december 1969: with their first performance on stage, the performer group called Cockettes is officially born.  Trough 60s hippie rebellion and political revolution of 70s by Harvey […]


LaRoboterie 25 aprile: MILANO

Torna a Milano la serata danzante più scatenata d’Italia: La Roboterie è il 25 aprile al Tunnel Club (Via dei Sammartini 30). Electro, punk, synth-pop, ambient, techno&company gli ingredienti dell’evento […]



The “hot thing” in last fairs and events has been a 100% Spanish creation: everybody talked about Victoria by YoYócreativo. Presented in Barcelona’s Bread&Butter 09 and reproposed in MICAM MODACALZADO […]


A Sanctuary in the heart of London

Living in London is not so good for beauty. Everybody knows it’s one of the stressfull cities in Europe, and London ladies don’t have so much time to take a […]


Maurizio Fiorino

Maurizio Fiorino shoots. His father, giving him a camera, said: “use it like a gun”. And so, the young Italian photographer, letting behind him never-ended universities and the suffocating Italian […]


Cédric Jacquemyn

The next big thing in fashion is, without any doubt, Cédric Jacquemyn.  This young student at Antwerp Fashion Academy is part of the Belgian fashion scene, one of the most […]


BUGGED OUT! with Surkin+Rex teh Dog

Stanchi di festeggiare il Carnevale con la solita,triste festa in casa con tanto alcool e pochi amici?  Stanchi dei soliti banali parties in maschera pseudo-Rio de Janeiro con annesso trenino […]


La Roboterie

La Roboterie ritorna a Milano. Nato a Roma con un forte imprinting dato dalla collaborazione con dj berlinesi, l’esercito dei robot conquista le notti bolognesi e milanesi, imponenendosi come il […]


Karl Addison-Partybots

Karl Addison was born in 1982 in Denver but lived in Arizona where he studied at a graphic design school. His t-shirt and accessories business started because he “wanted to […]


Yves De Brabander

Yves De Brabander was born in 1976 in Blankenberge, a village on the belgian sea-side, but he moved to Antwerp, the coolest city of Belgium, and he still lives there. […]


Anna Zaboeva – Pleasemachine

Anna Zaboeva is a shoe and accessory designer. Born in the Siberian part of Russia, when she was 15 she moved to Novosibirsk where she studied photography and cinema. After […]