Cote et Ciel


CO?TE et CIEL is a Paris-based brand creating products for people constantly on the move, inspired by their surroundings and equipped to seize those very moments when ideas are born. The latest line of products are crafted from exclusive materials such as recycled PET bottles, robust natural cotton canvas and refined microfibre to create minimalist designs that represent progress and innovation.

The pioneering Laptop Diver Sleeve is a second skin-fit around your laptop with an innovative closure, making the use of zippers or buttons obsolete. Other products in the range include a new concept rucksack, messenger bag and pouches for your handheld devices. The designs are created to hold and protect your important belongings so that you can follow your ideas, your creativity and your dreams. CO?TE et CIEL is part of Paper Rain, the French fashion group behind the highly anticipated Paris-based designer Damir Doma and the recently launched line named Silent.