Let’s Barock

Damien Hirst - Heaven

Passion, Fear, Flesh, Death. It could be the proper paraphrase for the exhibition Barock – Art Science Faith and Technology in the contemporary age, which is running at Madre Museum in Naples from December 12th  to April 5th. This exhibition compares the issues of our times, so similar to those in the Baroque Age: the scientific discoveries and the uncertainties they bring into society, the religious fundamentalism and the clash of cultures, the tragic feeling in the artistic imagination. The most important similitude between these ages lies in the search for the sensational piece of art. The scandal they create in the viewer for violence and sensuality of expression is a new-baroque culture that overwhelms the senses and the establishment. Damien Hirst and his dead animals who will live forever in the formaline, Matthew Barney and his mutations, Orlan and her exposed flesh, living in a continuous morphing thank to her nip/tuck shows, are few examples of this age of anxiety and passion, blood and fear, extreme vitality and closeness to death. Mona Hatoum, Maurizio Cattelan, The Chapman brothers, Anish Kapoor and many others featured in this exhibition explore the passage of our time from new-baroque to post-humanity. |  For further information: http://www.museomadre.it/index.cfm