(^_^)365(O_O) (Hello 365)


Heads up for all iphone lovers.

The Japan Graphic Designers Association (JAGDA) and Heidelberg Japan K. K. have recently released a 2010 tear-off calendar: “(^_^)365(O_O)” (Hello 365). 365 Designers for 365 Days. Each sheet is designed by one of them so that each day of the year we can enjoy a different graphic. It includes a variety of designs, printing techniques and types of paper. Unfortunately this product is sold out but for our happiness it is possible to buy a digital version of this calendar, making it viewable using different devices such as your laptop or your mobile.

The iphone application adds color and decoration to your daily life.? Different designs are displayed on your screen—one for each day—and you can store your favorite design as wallpaper.

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4


• Each day, you will see a new graphic design linked to that day.

• Information on the designer and the design is provided for each piece.

• The designs can be copied to your Camera Roll and used as wallpaper on your iPhone.

Check their website or visit your itunes store to purchase and download this application.