Get 5 minutes of freedom: Flash Mob Dance in Milan

4975e5de11074_normalFlash mob is an unexpected fast and totally free event  where a lot of people gather in a predetermined place and do something. Usually the mobbers (people that coming there) dance freely following music into their ipod, like a silent disco. No political or religious ideas match togheter the mobbers, the flash mob is just a break into ordinary life: a little time of free personal expression. The biggest Flash mob realised was in London on the 4 April 2007 (4000 of people came in Victoria station, look at the picture above). A new one is coming in Milan on the next 2th of May 2010, and the objective is collecting more people than the flash mob in London! People are invited to come into Piazza Cordusio with their ipod (this is the track suggested LINK). At 4 pm in the afternoon everyone could start to dance freely, then following the organizers they will move to Piazza San Babila dancing of course, at 5 pm the music will stop and it will be as nothing was happened. More information are available on Facebook searching “Flash Mob Dance Milano – Silent Rave“. Spread the event!