AIAIAI Pipe earphone in two new colors

Pipe earphone Air

The guys @ Aiaiai introduce a new approach to the upcoming releases of their Pipe earphones. They are gonna create 2-3 new colours of  pipes every third month. The colours are inspired by things/objects or the like that have had some kind of inpact on AIAIAI crew throughout the years. The first one is inspired by the legendary Nike Air Trainer 1 tennis shoe that we’ve all  – including John McEnroe – played in back in the days. It came out in 1987 as a cross trainer shoe project, but soon became a hit as a tennis shoe and it was even used in the NBA at one point. The idea and colourway has been re-launched several times, but nothing really matches the good old original one.

pipe earphone gold

The second vesion of the new pipes is inspired by the one an only beer – Gold Tuborg! Also known as “the golden lady” the beer hit the danish market in 1895 and was actually meant for export markets. Instead it quickly became only a national product for the Danes – and they/we loved it.

At the old A-house, where we/AIAIAI used to have our club, we served the gold beer instead of regular pilsner and we even served it in a can (as the one you see on the picture). People loved it and soon Tuborg realized that this beer had been down-prioritized way too much through out the years. The second year of our clubs existence, we had Tuborg convinced to make us customized Gold Tuborg vending machines, which became a great success. Today these vending machines are spread all over town as an alternative to line up in the bar.