Luca Laurenti a.k.a. mklane a.k.a. the R’n’R designer

Luca Laurenti works in the creative industry for a range of international clients in editorial, publishing & fashion trade, like illustrator, graphic designer and art director. Luca get’s inspired from everything around him, and his style is not defined but he can master several of different techniques. Ink, pen, water colour and pencil are combined with contemporary tools like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create his work.

He constantly develops his ideas, and continues to innovate his design language, in order to create for each customer a tailor made solution. He is always looking for new projects and challenges to be confronted, totally different from previous ones. His online portfolio has just been updated, filled with amazing works for clients as Bang Art, Bastard, Billboard, Busta, Rolling Stone, Sportswear International, Urban, XL (La Repubblica), Impure, Lascivious, Leitmotiv, Proof 7, Sympathy for the Unusual, Toy2r, Editori Laterza, Hulger, L’Oreal, Subdued.