The 60s are back! But thankfully, in an incredibly tasteful manner with the Los Angeles spirit gleaming through, intact with sunglasses. This year, Asandri gives us the contemporary woman, the lady of the NOW, spotted in Midtown NYC, London, Paris, Hollywood Hills. The design philosophy is for a woman enjoying a luxurious and cultiated lifestyle, whether exploring the world or simply at ease with the essential for her own lifestyle. Noted, no AliceInWonderland absurdities, no runway orgasms, no fantastical impossibilities, and certainly no snide “won’t work at all.” Which brings us to a delicious collection of innovative and feminine office wear, day-to-days in warm summer/autumn colors, fall coats, and poolside cocktail parties. We’re simply lacking a gleaming Aston for the lady. The show ends with a self confident swish of a graceful evening gown.