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designer / photographer / trespasser of abandoned spaces / culinary genius / paul auster / jasper fforde / 2002 montsant / 2007 le difese / 2004-2005 sassicaia / nikon / thekooples / surface to air / dries van noten / six scents / stefanel ties / berlin / paris / brooklyn / tokyo / sophie zelmani / au revoir simone / david bowie / erlend oye / blue velvet / orange marmalade / matte black / ferrari red / intelligentsia / comptoirs richard / ...


The Demise of a Cement Plant

Just recently, POLKADOT grabbed an 18mm and 50mm lens and infiltrated an abandoned East German cement plant slowly crumbling into dust on the outskirts of Berlin. A somber silence blankets […]



If you’ve been to a runway show, then you know it’s an hour of anticipation, drinks, the fashionables swarming through the lounge, and photographers snapping away. But this year we […]



On a beautiful blue-skied January morning, Escada Sport kicked off the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week with their A/W 2012 collection. We’re presented with a seeming disarray of patterns, cuts, and textures. […]


Polkadot Cards

The first package has arrived from printing company Moo: POLKADOT’s first version of business cards with our circular logo boldly stamped across the front in either black or white. Printed […]


Midnight in Paris – an Interview with JACK

Just when you thought you’ve heard it all from Paris, comes yet again a brand new creative duo by the name of The House That Jack Built. With a hasty pre-vacation meeting arranged, Polkadot managed to grab a midnight interview with the two mademoiselles – Alison Reid and Lauren Kennedy Malpas – at Cafe Charlot. Our dismay at having to continually write out their creative name led to the clarification of their shortened version: Jack.
Although Jack has only been around since April of this year, the hipster 3éme seem quite knowledgeable of this name which originates from the english phrase “jack of all trades.”


World War Music – interview with Biet Simkin

Flavius Vegetius Renatus famously stated, “Si vis pacem, para vellum” or “If you want peace, prepare for war.” What he failed to mention is that there are and will always be wars to be fought. The writers here at POLKADOT bring war to your world, picking apart and analyzing, criticizing or praising, the work of artists who in turn wage their own battles, dedicating themselves to their particular aspirations.

Today, POLKADOT introduces you to Biet Simkin, the name behind the music of a New York City band: WORLD WAR. We had an opportunity to interview Biet about her music and she surprised us by astutely asserting that “the real world war is internal. Just over the years I have become less hard on the edges. I maintain that we are all at war with something great.” She describes her own music as romantic and simple but with a heartbreak beat.


Berlin’s Milano – Dandy of the Grotesque

Gentlemen of Berlin, North Italian tailoring has arrived in Berlin. DANDY of the GROTESQUE is a made-to-measure fashion house located on little known Gormannstrasse, number 17b. We ourselves just happened […]


Experience Zero Gravity

Welcome to Zero Gravity, where you cannot tell if time sped up or slowed down. Filmed in beautiful burned-blue and yellow HD tones, your breathe catches at the possible freedom. We’ve spent the centuries trying to fly, perhaps this is the closest we’ll ever get! Find more here.



Another masterpiece – a fifteen minute production by Sebastian Lopez – drags you in with drama. A mysterious woman finds a red balloon attached to a gift box on an abandoned street. The sound of shoe soles scraping on dirty cement fills your ears. The harsh music builds up….the Tarantino-esque suspense is paired with action and characters similar to C. Nolan’s world. Filmed with Canon 7Ds in lovely hues of midwestern-American burnt reds, The Killing Joke ends with tasty graphic credits, so make sure to stay for the finale!



This past Saturday, we spent the day between the Levi skate mini-bowl and the official Mercedes Benz Fashion Week tent. What a contrast but equally action packed! Frontside 180s, Pop […]


MBFW Berlin – Perret Schaad SS2012

Parting from their repertoire of neutral colors with a dash of bold highlight, PerretSchaad now works this season with an array of yellows, greens, and red presented in large scale […]



Introducing the new BMW 328 Hommage, Behind the Scenes! Drool!