We’ve covered this name before on POLKADOT and we are excited to once again return to Berlin fashion house Perret Schaad. Despite Jil Sander’s return with UNIQLO, the runways has been waiting for a worthy continuation of minimalist german fashion design and Perret Schaad has confidently stepped forward into the spotlight with their Autumn Winter 2011/2012 runway show at Berlin’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week! This year, Tutia and Johanna graces us with a series of what they describe as a contrast of “delicacy and insolence.” Rather than losing themselves in complications, they strive for finesse and eloquence. Their concept statement – Hard white softens a landscape of grey pastel stones. The candid sky seems shy, although provoking layers of pigmented lights. pale green and discrete rose shine on satin, while petrol blues almost fall into deep greens – describes a surreal painting of the catwalk. Their designs presented at MBFW, as fluid as the ones that match their design goals, only attest to the exceptionality of their imagination and skill. Without any Parisian negativity: C’est Magnifique!