Kidimo gives life back to old signs and letters, creating a vintage atmosphere around you. It consists of a range of words made of zinc, Bakelite or wood letters. Initially part of shop signs, these letters are turned away from their basic purpose and gathered to rewrite a new story in your own interior. Each word is unique so you can easily create a customized final product just choosing the right letters. Thanks to an ever-revitalized variety of letters available online, Kidimo allows you to bring an original and personal touch into your apartment, loft or house, and also gives you the opportunity to customize your office or restaurant.

How everything started behind the project Kidimo? We have to ask Nicolas Flachot, the man behind the brand, who has been exploring all the antique fairs and flea markets for years. The quest for shop signs has even turned to an addictive and compulsive hobby for this industrial art lover, to such an extent that he decided to launch his own decoration brand… ! The trigger was when he found at Saint-Ouen flea market the three letters of his daughter’s name, Lou. Then Kidimo was launched…

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