Founded in 2014 by designers Matteo Carrubba and Angela Tomasoni, already creative directors studio Officemilano, Write Sketch & creates high quality stationery products, with a tradition-bound Italian production and an […]


Period – Workshop&Conferenze

L’Associazione Culturale Thype!, uno dei punti di riferimento per gli appassionati del letterpress in Italia, torna con un nuovo ciclo di eventi dedicati al design, e lo fa alla grande […]


Turina Jewels

ABC Collection from Amsterdam based jewelry designer Sandra Turina. Firstly she studied letter’s shape with a graphic designer, then she created them with different materials such as wood, glass and […]


Hipster Branding: a parody

Think about hipster graphic identity – mags, album covers, patterns or icons on clothes, etc. Of course a common aesthetics emerges, like the massive use of slightly vintage and minimal […]


Kibsgaard-Petersen identity by Heydays

The new visual identity for Kibsgaard-Petersen, an architecture studio based in Aalesund, Norway, plays with the substance of a red rectangle. The Oslo-based design studio Heydays has decided for this […]


El Camino Helsinki by Tsto

El Camino Helsinki is the audio design studio of Marko Nyberg, an artist and a producer. Its great identity project was designed by Tsto (a one year old creative agency […]


DESIGN LETTERS + Arne Jacobsen

In 1937 the world renowned Danish architect Arne Jacobsen drew a typography for Aarhus City Hall. A Bauhaus inspired typography that despite of its 75 years still looks incredible hot. […]


2012 Calendar

Time goes by really quickly, no? It’s almost a cliche to say this, but in fact it seems that time passes faster and faster with each new year. Why is […]



Kidimo gives life back to old signs and letters, creating a vintage atmosphere around you. It consists of a range of words made of zinc, Bakelite or wood letters. Initially […]


Intervista a Salottobuono

Salottobuono nasce nel 2005 come collettore di diverse esperienze di ricerca e produzione progettuale. Indaga lo spazio urbano alla ricerca di dispositivi in grado di innescare strategie di trasformazione: temi e programmi diventano l’occasione per analisi diagrammatiche o per l’elaborazione di visioni paradossali.
L’attività di Salottobuono si articola in concorsi, workshop, progetti editoriali e incarichi di progettazione.


Less is More: History in Pictograms

Minimal humour and awful truth in a design package? This witty set of typodesign spreads a new light on many historical facts. By always fantastic Agency H-57 (Milan based).



A must-see video: Letterpress from Naomie Ross about press printing. So elegant and interesting.