Doodle Bar a place for ideas, creativity and sperimentation

One of the things I really like in London is that is so easy to bumb into new excinting discoveries and it happens quiet every day. Today I had to travel from South East to South West for an important interview and when I got off at Battersea I found a very nice flyer hanging on the wall. It was advertising a really nice event taking place at the Doodle Bar and I immediately decided it’s worthy to travel again from Greenwich, where I live, to Battersea. As soon as I got home I googled the place and I found something very interesting.

Tonight a Swap Party is held mainly based on the idea to bring forgotten clothes that look unloved in our wardrobes and exchange with others who give them a new life. Among the nice upcoming events taking place in this lovely bar there’s a Vintage Fair, a Pop-Up gourmet night and some interesting Fashion Photography Exhibitions. It’s a sort place for inspiration for the local community and you can even meet Vivienne Westwood as she got her studios just round the corner. As the name suggests you can scribble everywhere, on the walls, chairs and tables – cause everyone is an artist!

Doodle Bar
33 Parkgate Road
SW114NP London