David Hockney@ Royal Academy

Spring is gently coming and London has decided to welcome it with a special exhibition dedicated to the natural beauty of landscape. London welcomes the new season with a truly hymn to energy and life David Hockney’s exhibition at the Royal Academy that will take place form 21 January to 9 April.
Hockney can be compared to a modern Monet as he devoted himself to the depiction of the birtish landscape in all its aspects. He took inspiration from the stunning Yorkshire countryside and woods to describe the nature with vivid colours and give them new energy. In fact the exhibition is an immersion into brightness and bold colours, the painter has the power to depict simple thing in its own particular way that you simply can’t avoid to look at.
The majority of the works in the exhibition, which include oil paintings, charcoal drawings, iPad drawings, sketchbooks and digital video works have been produced between 2004 and 2011 and many are being shown for the first time at the Royal Academy.
I have always loved paintings describing nature and these seem the right way to say hello to springtime.