Here a new chat with the street photographer Shane Vincent, an old polkadot friend

Here we are Shane, one year is passed and I still fallow your increasing photographer career. First of all how are you and where are you actually?
Thank you. I’m maintaining and residing back in London for now, working temporarily to help with equipment and excursions. I spent some time in Tokyo this summer doing some work and lurking after hours. That shit was incredible.

And how things went there? Lots of inspirations?
Work was tough but the play was good. So many inspirations, its hard to break down. All I know is that embracing all the differences to London was cool and I am thankful to have gone.

Best pleace in Tokyo?
Seeing the city from high rise buildings was something special and a kind of sight that isn’t as available in London because of security issues. Especially at night that sight blew me away.

Talking about your work, how is it developed in the last period?
It’s still early days, I feel I’ve learned a lot more about photography technically over the last year. Right now I’m working on making a site or blog with a relavent name or persona that fits the photos. I think my works developed in the sense that I’m more able to get what I want out of the images. I can’t say I have a particular style, I’m still just shooting whatever interests me, whether its the city, people, friends, whatever.

Thank you so much, it’s always a pleasure talking with you!