Napkiss is a little paper napkin made of Manila hemp, a natural fiber which is both very strong and as light as a feather. Made in France and packaged in a charming and thin box, 80 Napkiss wait for you to be freed on every occasion: for brunch, parties, tea time, cocktails, pic-nic, barbecue.
At home or at large, on your table or in the middle of a field, Napkiss is the eco-designed, lovely and inventive accessory for finger food.

Napkiss divides its collection in different themes: géométriques, ombres chinoises, carte blanche, ornementales.

A new concept where design meets the environmental concerns.
The use of the disposable paper napkins has been studied in order to reduce their environmental impact. A Napkiss box has to be pretty, functional and environmentally friendly.

Visit the website here or simply link to the Shop Online to see and buy the wonderful world of Napkiss.

Napkiss - Cube rose

Napkiss - Draisienne

Napkiss - Shah bleu

Napkiss - Triangle vert

Silvio Girolamo

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