Alain Delorme’s Totems

E dire che c’è chi si dispera per due buste da portare in bicicletta! Alain Delorme e le sue fotografie dimostrano che nulla è impossibile (non è vero, perché l’autore ha “ammesso” di metterci un po’ di Photoshop per rendere l’effetto più d’impatto). Un viaggio attraverso la società cinese, nei cui vicoli emergono questi imponenti …


What’s It Like Being Young in China?

“We All Want To Be Young in China” is a 3-minute crash-course on the evolution of China’s contemporary youth culture and what it means to be young in China today. The video was inspired by the hugely popular film titled “We All Want To Be Young” and was edited by Giuseppe Farina. | Via PSFK.


Future of Transport: 3D Fast Bus

A innovative new light-rail concept unveiled in China this week is designed to drive over traffic. The 3D Fas Bus or ‘Straddling Bus’ offers a green solution solution to traffic congestion by doing just as its name suggests and straddling two lanes of traffic, allowing cars to pass underneath it.


Chinese Post-Rock from Wang Wen

Wang Wen (??) is a post-rock band from Dalian, China. The five-piece released their fifth album in April and it really jams. You may have already heard of them. In 2008 they began receiving attention internationally and embarked on their first European tour, to promote their fourth album, IV.

The group have just released L&R, their fifth …