Napkiss is a little paper napkin made of Manila hemp, a natural fiber which is both very strong and as light as a feather. Made in France and packaged in a charming and thin box, 80 Napkiss wait for you to be freed on every occasion: for brunch, parties, tea time, cocktails, pic-nic, barbecue.
At home …


Freshness of “Frenchness”

The 25th of October seems to be a fertile day for new releases, in fact “Stay the Same” is the first new born album from a duo called The Shoes. Don’t be confused by their English name because Guillaume and Ben are French, from Reims.

Yet, their “frenchness” did not prevent them to make cool arrangements for …


Monogrenade – Ce Soir

The song is “Ce soir” extracted from their LP “La Saveur des Fruits”.

The Director, Christophe Collette, made a very good choice in working with stop-motion.


Six Pack – F/W 09 preview

Coloratissime e imperdibili le tshirt del prossimo inverno di Six Pack, brand francese attivo ormai da 10 anni. Designers e illustratori di tutto il mondo coinvolti anche per questa collezione: Todd James, che ha disegnato il modello nella foto,  lo svizzero Grotesk, gli americani National Forest e Jonathan Zawada tra gli altri. Scoprite …