Jojo project

This is really an interesting project, and presented in a very unique way. Two friends from Brussels, Matthieu Vaxelaire and Christoph Nagel, both 24, have decided to launch their own brand – Jojo – while doing their bit towards improving our environment. Part shoe, part bandage, each pair of Jojo trainers are made in Brasil. Moreover, through a partnership with NGOs working on the ground, each pair sold means concrete support for one of the following projects: 1. Planting trees in Africa, 2. Installing water pumps in Africa. Three different ranges of colours, “Basic”, “Plain” and “Pop”, so that both men and women, trendy or more classic, young or not so young, can find the shoe that fits. And if you think that 1 pair of Jojos = 1 tree planted in Niger or = 1 year of drinkable water for one person in Sierra Leone, you will need a pair for sure ;)