Alberto Premi x MINI


L’innovazione tecnologica ed il design iconico sono sicuramente il tratto distintivo di MINI. E’ stato quindi quasi inevitabile realizzare una capsule collection con Alberto Premi, emergente designer di calzature acutamente moderniste ed assolutamente imperdibili. Dopo aver vinto “Who is on next? Uomo” edizione 2014 ed il MINI Fashion Award, Premi (dato il nome forse un …


‘Object Oriented’ for MINI

The series Object Oriented is a specially commissioned work Gabriel Shalom created for MINI for the IAA 2011. The hidden music of objects is made perceptible by means of an alchemical transformation which occurs in videomusical time. The mix of sounds, noises and music is really fantastic. The resulting rhythms and harmonies allow us to experience our surroundings with a newly heightened appreciation for the audiovisual dynamics of the world around us. Curated by Meiré und Meiré. More videos after the jump…

ADVERTISING / Experiment

The Carmonica by Mini

New Zealand’s Mini and DraftFCB decided to put 330 harmonicas on the exterior of a Mini Clubman to create an angelical sound when the car passes by. Fans can also use that sound, in a specific website, to remix as they will.