Picame Mag Issue#10

Picame Mag #10 is now out. Featuring oscar llorens, darren hopes, eleonora marton, come de bouchony+happycentro, paolo pagani, ivan cazzola, j+ and the knife. Don’t miss it, it’s free!


Picame Mag – issue#7

For some people the number 7 means bad luck, for other is a good sign as it represents God. For us means that Pìcame Mag is for most of you a fixed appointment, an awaited event. Thousand and thousand of downloads every month confirm it. Two really busy months have passed by since our last …


Picame Mag

They have promised and here it is: a brand new Pìcame! Renewed in graphic design, with new sections, more contents and our constant research for quality. An issue at “high density of creativity”. You won’t get disappointed. Pìcame: your daily dose of antidote against boredom. Get pinched!


Picame Mag – n°4

I nostri amici di Picame hanno sfornato il nuovo numero del loro magazine digitale. // Pìcame is the e-magazine that rouses you, gives you the clue but not the solution, and attacks from under cover. Created by a group of young designers,Pìcame is a colletion of ideas and projects from music …