Staff4You // part2

Ve l’avevamo preannunciato, e ora è online. Eì finalmente disponibile la II° collezione di  Staff4you , il progetto di STAFF STORE (concept store ferrarese) & YOUYOU SHOP (creative shop torinese) che coinvolge ogni 4 mesi, 4 grafici e/o artisti emergenti del panorama italiano ed internazionale, i quali realizzano una collezione a tema che comprende prevalentemente …


Staff4You – lesson 2

We presented you in november the super combo project Staff4You. The first collection rocked, and now … be ready for the upcoming one, in collaboration with 4 new designers ( our friend Big Chief among the others…). Stay tuned on polkadot, more details will come.



Staff for You‘ is the new project by STAFF STORE (concept store in Ferrara) & YOUYOU SHOP (creative shop from Turin). Every 4 months,4 designers or new artists with Italian and international background will create a themed collection of t shirts for men and women ,strictly in limited edition. HURRY UP!!!