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The Expressionist

Curiosity, appreciation and imagination: these are the three forces that lead us through the thought of the designer Michael Wolff, and that he defines his “muscles”. A touching and simple […]


The Rainbow House

Would you like to live surrounded by colours? I do. And this house in London made me dream! The design is by Ab Rogers Design. | via


Let it dough

Have you ever cooked home-made cookies? The funniest thing is letting free your imagination…


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How to represent musical genres using just one element and one typeface? Here are some answers to this not easy question.


Gabriel Dawe’s installations

Color, rainbows, light. Full and empty. Who has never played with strings? Gabriel Dawe, a mexican artist, created these installations, where the vantage point is essential in order to create […]


Rainbow in your hand

The idea of this flipbook by Masashi Kawamura is simple but very effective: when you flip it, it creates a rainbow in your hands. This book started as a personal project […]


All occasions cards

  Most situations really only require one of the following phrases: “thank you“, “sorry” or “fuck you“. Well now you won’t even need to speak: You and me the royal […]


Save our gulf

Sembrano scritte nel petrolio le lettere di questa maglietta a supporto della campagna a sostegno della pulizia del Golfo del Messico. Ma l’inchiosto è, giustamente, eco-friendly e a base d’acqua. Parte […]