Weplight, wood and leather lampshades

Weplight, based in Buenos Aires, design and manufacture high quality lampshades that look great, work well, and lift the spirit. Every Weplight lampshade is a protagonist in itself with its own independent character, open, however, to interaction with any other style and language. It is cosmopolitan and nomad. It lives in every place, where it does not only adapt but also donates personality. With strong communicative value, trendy, high quality but also functional, resistant and lasting in time.


A distinctive feature of Weplight production is the assiduous experimentation and the continual evolution in the use of materials regarding both functional performance and aesthetic qualities. Weplight possesses a unique know-how that makes it really special on the international panorama of the lampshade industry.


They have two new collections:
MADERA made of real wood and with the options TEAK, OAK and WENGE.
CUERO made of real leather and with the options NAPPA, CRACKED and the exclusive BULL.
The attractive packaging makes Weplight an unusual present. It can be mailed inexpensively anywhere with out danger of breakage or damage.