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Furni is a small design-driven company based in Montreal, Canada and started in 2003 by Devin Barrette and Mike Giles. Everything started as a  “custom” furniture operation, but after a […]

Furni is a small design-driven company based in Montreal, Canada and started in 2003 by Devin Barrette and Mike Giles. Everything started as a  “custom” furniture operation, but after a short period the “two men operation” decided to go it alone. Nowadays Furni makes limited-run handmade home accessories, elegant and unique. Most of their creations are available for sale on Furni’s online shop. Mike Giles, one of the 2 brains behind Furni, has answered some questions we have proposed.

Since when FURNI is online and how all the things started?

Furni started 5 years ago as as custom furniture company, but as we started to release our own designs and people started buying them about 2 years ago we’ve decided to focus on that side of the business, we’ve had a website for quite awhile but now its more focused on our current designs and projects.

Furni has recently collaborated with Hulger. How this and the other colabs usually start?

Collabs start in one of two ways, we contact people who’s designs we like and introduce oursleves, or they contact us because they have see or heard of our work. With Hulger I e-mailed them as I liked the aesthetics of their product line and as they say the rest is history….

You have just launched some retro watches. are you trying to extend the range of your products?

Everything but the watches in our line is hand made by Devin and myself so that poses a few challenges when it comes to sales and distribution, doing the watches is a way for us to introduce alot of people to the brand while not being completely swamped with the amount of work it takes to produce them, most of our line takes at least a month in the production process…

Tell us some fresh news about Furni… new releases or projects?

we have just done a collaboration with Canadian based Lifetime clothing due out in spring 09 and are also working on a couple other top secret projects with some well know skateboard companies, we are also finishing up a cool line of laser etched jewelry with artist emil kozak that will be out in the new year.

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