Goodbye Charles Cooper

We don’t know how, we know just when: the past 22th of January Charles Cooper is died, he was just 31 years old and he was one of electronic duo Telefon tel aviv (with Josua Eustis) coming from Chicago. The band is died too. There is a sense of sadness obviously, but die can’t kill their music and Telefon tel aviv have left a good inheritance. They’ve never been too much popular into electronic scene and their albums have never been on the top of electronic charts, but their sound was a great mix of electronic and glitch, chill out, synth pop, and some r’n’b experiments too. They liked approaching electronic music with twisted beats and fragmented rhythms in a soft way. They played with finesse, and melody was their feature.

Close to Massive Attack, Notwist and Lali Puna, Air, Apparat, Telefon tel aviv gave an important contribute to electronic scene of the last years. They produced 3 albums and a lot of remixes. We say thanks! We wanna remind you Telefon tel aviv or present it to you if you have never listen their music. Beyond the die.


Fahrenheit Fair Enough (Hefty, 2001)
Map Of What Is Effortless (Hefty, 2004)   
Immolate Yourself (Bpitch, 2009)