Camo S/S 09


We discovered this italian brand, Camo,  some months ago. They have just presented their S/S collection at B&B Barcelona, and it’s bright and funny. The Spring Summer 09 “true collection” is inspired by the superheroes, by the TV space series, by the 80’s films, by the corps. CAMO is made for those who want to make fun of themselves, for those who still dream and who always believe in fairytales. Is named “true collection”: because we are so. It pays homage to the TV heroes we have loved when we were young: William Shatner as Captain James T. Kirk in 2264, Dirk Benedict as Templeton Peck, William Katt as “the Greatest American Hero”, John Patrick McEnroe Jr., Sergent Hartman in “FULL METAL JACKET”, Barry Levinson for “GOOD MORNING, VIETNAM”, Paul Brickman for “RISKY BUSINESS”, Ken Kutaragi (“The playstation’s father”).


CAMO is the abbreviation of “camouflage” which means: disguised, camouflaged. It is pronounced in the same way in all the languages of the world and it is often used to indicate a specific pattern of any product. You can find it in different colours but it remains always the same because it is a thought, an idea. Usually it is compared to the army camouflaged patterns, but in our case there is nothing to do with the war. CAMO is the easiest and purest root of our “idea” and “project”; it is part of the phrase “ a camo tiger world”: a tiger camouflaged in the world. Our intention is to create collections which are far from fashion stereotypes and that challenge the rules of fashion. The items of the CAMO collection use tissues born with specific purposes and then modify by us, so camouflaged under other meanings, telling our inspirations and our will to astonish and play remaining inside the borders and the rules given by society. Our purpose is not to wear people, but to put them in touch with what they wear. CAMO is not just “fashion” but an idea and a reality with a specific identity so to be recognized in any element, both in a piece of clothing or an object or a drink. We enjoy thinking that if we were a sandwich, we would be like this…or a cocktail like that…