H&M from your wardrobe to your home


If you like the style, if you agree to the philosophy, if you enjoy shopping into h&m stores weekly, you couldn’t have a look to the H&M Home forniture! We think that this is a sign, a sign of how the home concept has developed in the last years: My home could have my style and my personality. And with saving! So the fashion brands have decided to make it real: Zara Home and now H&M.  It isn’t very different from Ikea’s idea,but they make possible to do shopping for you and your home at the same moment, with the same attitude, and in the same place: on line by H&M now, in store by Zara.

H&M Home forniture is available only in Denmakr, Finland, Nederlands, Germany, Austria and Norwey by web site, but in the future? We are waiting. Looking at the new collection we could find: mats, pouffs and pillows, sofa covers, parures, bedding fornitures and much more. The style is funny and ironic with fluo colors and trendy texture. It’s always the H&M world.