Veuve Clicquot + Florence Deygas


In previous years, Veuve Clicquot has collaborated several times with the visual artist, Florence Deygas, best known for creating Caprino & Peperone, the iconic dog duo for Colette in Paris as well as Winney the animated cow. She has also collaborated with brands such as Fendi, Yves Sain Laurent, Nokia, Vogue and Lacoste. Her work can be found on addagog and  kuntzeldeygas.

The current collaboration with Veuve Clicquot includes several illustrations using paintbrush techniques over more classic line drawing. These illustrations use Veuve Clicquot’s classic red signature across it’s iconic yellow with scenes that vary from seasons to special occasions.


Born in 1965 in France, Florence Deygas studied film animation at Gobelins University in Paris
Her work mixes ilustration, drawing, photo and animation and started working with Olivier Kuntzel in 1990