Happy Birthday Thom Yorke

We think that if “Ok Computer” was considered the best album of ’90, Thom Yorke will be considered the artist of the new millennium! Radiohead’s career has been brilliant since 1993, and Thom has guided the band in the best way possible. Without pomposity and ostentation, with a big respect for the ethic of  music and his artistic and social value. The frontman has also started a great solo-career publishing “The Eraser” in 2006. What could Thom Yorke do for his birthday (today)? A new special Thom Yorke’s EP is available on digital delivery. Just 12 minutes of production with two new songs named “Feeling pulled apart by horses” and “The Hollow heart“. But he also played few days ago to Echoplex (Los Angeles) with a special band (not Radiohead) to promote the first solo project “The Eraser”! Extraordinary partnerships: Joey Waronker (drummer and producer with Elliot Smith and REM), Mauro Refosco (polistrumentist), Nigel Godrich (the big produce, of the Radiohead also) and Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers. But don’t worry about Radiohead future, anything will change. Thom we hope to hear you soon in Europe, “come as you are” (cit. Kurt Cobain) we love you and happy birthday!