MEI 2009: Win tickets with Polkadot


MEI is the italian music fair dedicated to independent labels and artists. Every year the music event takes place in Faenza (Ravenna). Gigs, conference and discussions about music world with a lot of representatives coming from labels, radio, music magazines, artists, and all of them involved into music business. MEI is an event to celebrate and promote the independent market in Italy with an award ceremony (PIMI) during the first day, November 27th, at Teatro Masini 9PM. The winners of this edition are: Dente (best album), Zu (best group), Beatrice Antolini (best solo singer) Calibro 35 (best tour), Giancarlo Frigieri (best self production), Trovarobato (best label), Enrico Gabrielli (best artistic production), Manuel Agnelli from Afterhours  (best recording production), Dorian Gray (special award), Mariposa (for their 10 years career).

But it’s not enough, during the three days a lot of performance are planned from metal to pop, from jazz to rock and folk. Have a look to the complete program at this link. As a common fair, stands are available by labels, little music shops of instruments and all is around music and arts also (cinema, illustrations, comics).

If you want to discover the independent italian market music system come to Faenza and have fun. Polkadot would give you the opportunity to win 4 tickets  (you could choose the day you like). Get your one just sending an email to with your name and your preference. Good luck!